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Welcome to Living In Alignment, a virtual community dedicated to supporting you in experiencing your best self and your most fulfilling life. If you've been struggling in any of the four staging areas—love, health, supply, or life direction—you've come to the right place.

Feel free to browse our website for more information, or contact us if you have any questions. We're standing by to help you discover for yourself that the next best version of you and your life is only a choice away.


Change Your Consciousness, Change Your World?

The idea that we create our reality is nothing new. Many spiritual and philosophical traditions allude to the notion that we participate in the events and circumstances of our lives in a way that goes beyond our common understanding of taking action. Discoveries in the science of quantum physics support this realization, and several schools of thought have developed varying techniques of meditation, visualization, and affirmation as a way to “recreate your reality.” There are. however, certain problems with this approach that turn out to be decisive, and have led people down paths of frustration and disappointment.


How We’re Different

Living In Alignment offers a special method of Facilitating developed by the Field Project. This method, akin to philosophical counseling, is educational rather than therapeutic in its approach, and based on profound clarifications that the Field Project has brought to the subject of consciousness as cause.

In fact, the Field Project Course is arguably the most precise and elegant model available on consciousness as cause available today because it recognizes and incorporates the element of paradox observed in quantum physics into its theory and practice—a key feature consistently overlooked in the popular, New Age literature. This makes Field Project Certified Facilitating a powerful and effective force for moving from contradiction into an inner state of alignment, which is inherently joyful and also—again, paradoxically—exerts a "nonlocal" effect on factual conditions around us without our trying to achieve that effect directly.

Facilitating as we offer it is designed to help willing individuals shift into aligned or more deeply aligned states in which belief and desire have made friends with each other. We at Living In Alignment are Field Project Certified Facilitators, and are proud and happy to make this remarkable educational tool available to anyone who is interested in immediate, profound, and lasting results.



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